About The Artist

Jenin was born and raised in Miramar, Florida. She comes from African American and Caribbean ancestry. 

After graduating from UCF’s Character Animation program, Jenin worked tirelessly to break into storyboarding for TV until finally, a TV studio in Burbank offered her the position. Her dream job had appeared right as she realized that her true love for story didn’t lie in raunchy cartoons for adults. It lied in silly, awkward, and sometimes gross books for kids.

Jenin officially broke into children’s publishing after winning the 2020 Summer Spectacular Illustration Grand Prize. A fan of humor, she draws the slice-of-life comic Knot Write Now. She is currently illustrating the HarperCollins picture book Song of the City, written by Dan Bernstrom.

The best way to contact Jenin is through her agent, Christy Ewers of the CAT Agency. Or by sending her a DM to her Instagram @knotwritenow.

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